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Faith & Works Tutoring prepares your child to excel at exams.

Invest your child’s education and success is GUARANTEED! 

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A fresh take on education

We tutor students from ages 8 years and older and offer tailored online learning programmes covering L.C.M= Language Arts. Creative Writing. Math (Primary & Secondary).

The classes are <10 students to ensure individual attention!

Why choose Online Tutoring?

No Transportation Costs!

Learn from anywhere and in any weather, using your desktop, tablet or mobile phone via Zoom. Our tutoring is interactive and practical.

Experienced Tutors

Miss Darcel and her team have over 5 years of experience and exam success. This company was borne out of her passion for learning and to help other students to ignite that passion.

Subjects we Cover

Amazing Results

We have a 100% SEA pass rate with a 90% 1st or 2nd School of choice Pass Rate! BONUS: Our students enjoy their classes!


  • STDS 2- FORM 5

Creative Writing


Language Arts



Your child is in Excellent hands 🙌 Check out our glowing reviews!

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My daughter has been attending Miss Darcel's classes for almost a year now and her confidence, participation in her classes and her grades have increased. She is always eager to sign on for class.
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Sending my children to Faith and Works Tutoring was the best decision I've ever made! Miss Darcel took her time to go through the topics that they were having trouble with and now they are properly equipped to tackle the work ahead.
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The small groups were to the students' advantage because they were able to ask questions and get attention. The use of videos and other tools made learning fun and interesting!
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1-on-1 Online Tutoring

We charge $75 per hour for our 1-on-1 Online Tutoring service and is regardless of the subject. 

We require a minimum of 4 sessions per month to be booked  which will be conducted on a weekly basis. You can choose which of the 3 subjects to study during each session.

Group Online Tutoring

At the Primary School level: Our group sessions are $500 per month for the L.C.M PACKAGE (Language Arts+Creative Writing+Math) 

At the Secondary School level: Our group sessions are $300 per month for GCSE/CSEC Mathematics.


At the Primary School level: Our group sessions are $1000 per month for the L.C.M PACKAGE (Language Arts+Creative Writing+Math) 

We will prepare students for Secondary school entrance exams with online tutoring and offline assignments.

Our Mission

I, Miss Darcel, and my team want our students to be jumping for joy and crying happy tears when they open their Exam Results. We transform our students from being frustrated and unmotivated about their schoolwork to having AHA! moments of clarity and comprehension. The look on their faces is absolutely priceless. 

If you are ready to transform your child’s grades and confidence with Faith and Works Tutoring, then CLICK the registration button and let’s get to work.